Hope Works

I am super excited about a new project the mormon channel is working on to bring us incredible stories from incredible people.  I have been flipping through as many as I can in these last few days, and my heart is being filled to the tippy tippy top!

When I was new to faith, (and I mean.. new to God, new to even praying, not just new to a new religion) I really wanted to know what faith even looked like to real people.  Is this something everyone is doing?  How has this changed and affected people really?  This curiosity is what drives me to now talk about faith on this blog and in my real life in an effort to spread hope.  I continue to thirst for answers and inspiration in other peoples stories.  I love that we ALL bring something different to the table in regards to our own faith.  It really is an incredible thing.  If you are looking for a little boost in life, love, and spirituality – be sure to click on over to the Hope Works channel, and I promise you will find it.

This morning I listened to Tiffany Webster’s talk on The Perfect Lie.. my goodness, WE ALL NEED TO HEAR THIS.  I will be playing this over and over this week to make sure I get every last drop of wisdom from it.

And if you need me to remind you how God took my own broken life and made it into something completely new, and whole, and wonderful… let this picture be that.

 photo by Ashley Flowers Photography

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Life + Style

It’s been a while since I have posted in my life and style series, and I have had a serious case of the post-partum frumps, so I will be making the extra effort to take care of myself, and touch base with myself once a week in this series!

Life :

We are feeling the slowness of fall wrap around us like a big cozy blanket.  I am a summer girl, so saying goodbye to summer is a bit bittersweet, but I do love these cozier days at home with my little ones.  I have gotten used to our new routine with school, homework, piano, chores.  I was dreading the girls going to school full day, but I seem to have found a rhythm to our day that works for us, and I have really enjoyed the mornings with my two littlest ones.

The weather has been so beautiful and I have been taking the babies for a long walk in the morning.  Major sleeps in the stroller, Grae is content and still for the first only time of the day, I listen to uplifting books or scriptures as I walk, and take in the beauty all around.  I have really grown fond of these morning walks.  They set my intention for the day and give my brain time to reset.

In the afternoons, when the babies wake from naps, we take to the porch and wait for the bus.  This is the happiest time of my whole day.  I love seeing my children miss each other and be reunited happily day after day.  We chat for a bit on the porch, then come in and as I start readying the kitchen for dinner prep, the girls do their homework, chores (tidy their room and living room), and practice piano.  After that, their time is free to play and rest to their little hearts content (ie: screen privilages…;) ).

We have crossed off the last bit of our summer bucket list, and will be creating a new holidays bucket list for the upcoming season.  First thing was dressing up our porch with pumpkins and mums.  We were lucky to have my best girl Ashley Flowers join us to snap a few pictures as we prepare for a new season.  When I see these pictures of myself out and about with my four little ones, teaching them to embrace the new season and to stop and smell the roses (or mums in this case), I feel such a sense of pride.  I never knew I would be capable of being a mom to four, but here I am.  Life is full and happy.

Style :

I get lots of questions of where we shop, so I’m trying something new to make it easier to shop our looks (or similar) when I post.  Let me know if you find it helpful!

My cute top is local from Scout & Cloth, the girls dresses aren’t new, but I’ve linked similar below…
Shop Similar –

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better tomorrow

Our week got a rocky start with Grae catching the bug that has been swirling around over the weekend.  In usual Grae fashion, it got her a bit worse than it did the others, poor sis.  Instead of spending the day grocery shopping, doing laundry, and preparing for my week… I spent the day switching off holding two whiney babies, snuggling on the couch, and cleaning out throw-up bowls on repeat.  

By dinner time (that was brought in by a sweet neighbor – thanks Andi!), I was feeling low on patience, high on stress, and ready to escape.  This was coming after a long, draining weekend and I felt like waving my white flag in the realest way.  I got a little snippy with my kids as their endless requests came pouring in for the evening and felt immediate regret for letting my stress get the better of me.

As the evening settled down, and the kids got tucked into bed.. I crept back into Harlo and Stella’s room to apologize for my behavior.  “I’m sorry, sisters.  I wasn’t ever mad at you.. I was just feeling stressed and ornery today.” Harlo reassured me, “It’s okay mom.  I’m not mad at you.  You can do better tomorrow.”  (A line I have told her on her own tough days.)

I got thinking about that little piece of advice, and it’s true.  I can do better tomorrow, and how wonderful that gift is.

I may not have it all together today, but I can surely do better tomorrow.




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finding happy

What I write mostly about here on this blog, are the things that make me happy.  I want to remember those things, so they get top billing on the pages of my documented life.

What has been such a blessing in this blog of mine – for myself – is that in trying seasons, it has forced me to scrape the bottom of the barrel sometimes to find the joy.  As I have written about happy things in tough times, I have seen those miracles in my own life.  Those tender mercies, that joy always, always, always can be found.

In the recent general conference, this talk was my favorite.  It spoke directly to me.

This past year, my heart has weighed heavy with issues that were beyond my control.  But as I prayed for my perspective to shift, and we started adjusting the focus of our lives, we were able to clearly see the happiness all around us again.  This is a lesson I will take with me for the rest of my life.  It’s so true that you can’t always adjust your circumstances, but you can ALWAYS adjust your focus.  And if God is at the center of your lives, and you listen and seek him, you will see His blessings all around.

Our issues haven’t magically disappeared, but the heaviness in my heart surely has, and I am so grateful.

I believe that happiness can always be found.  Maybe with that trip you’ve been dying to take.  That goal you’ve worked hard to reach.  The fulfillment you have from a job you love.  For me, happiness is always found in the form of a freshly tubbed baby.

I testify to you: As long as freshly tubbed babies exist, so then does happiness.

my cute glasses HERE
(If I could link you to a freshly tubbed baby, you know I would!)

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